Send data to Airtable with a typeform

With this integration, you can send information from a typeform to an Airtable base. From collecting leads for your sales CRM, to organizing an event, you can use the conversational feel of Typeform to populate your Airtable.

What you need:

Getting started

Typeform offers a neat way to collect information and send it to an Airtable. The first thing you’ll need to do is create the typeform that will feed your Airtable. For every Airtable field you want to send information to, you need a corresponding question in your typeform.

For this tutorial, we’re using an event planning Airtable, and a typeform with questions that correspond to each field. So, the Date field has a corresponding typeform Date question, and so on. Once you’ve made a typeform, with questions for all the information you want to collect in Airtable, you can set up the integration.

Note that this integration only creates new Airtable records, and does not update existing Airtable records. 

1. Open your typeform from your Workspace, then go to the Connect panel. Find the Airtable integration, and click the Connect button:


Make sure your typeform is published with all of the latest changes before you set up the integration.

2. First we’ll ask you to connect your Airtable account, click Log into Airtable:


3. Now you’ll need to get your Airtable API key. This gives your typeform access to your Airtable. To find it, open a new browser tab and log into Airtable. Go to Account, and then click Generate or Regenerate Key:


4. Copy this key into your clipboard, then go back to your typeform tab, and paste your key into the Enter your API key field:


Note! You will need to repeat this step if you delete or regenerate your API key from Airtable.

5. Now your accounts are linked! It’s time to choose the base you want to connect to:


6. Next, you’ll choose the table you want to send data to:


Note that this integration will only create new records in the table. Existing records won't be updated based on matching information. 

7. Time for the really important part: connecting your typeform questions to their corresponding fields.

Choose a question from the left dropdown, then click on the right dropdown to find the corresponding Airtable field.

Here you can see our typeform questions on the left:


And on the right, the valid Airtable fields:



Here are our questions and fields connected:


After connecting each question, click +Add another, and when you’ve finished, click Continue

Note! If you do not see a corresponding Airtable field, check the field type in Airtable, to ensure it matches your typeform question type. There is a table of compatible questions and field types at the end of this article.

8. Next you’ll see this screen, click Activate integration:


9. That’s it! Back on the Connect panel, you can now see your Airtable integration is live:airtable11.png

Use the blue toggle to turn your integration on and off. Click the three dots symbol if you want to delete your integration.

Currently, you cannot edit the Airtable integration. If you've made changes to your typeform questions or would like to change how typeform questions are mapped to Airtable fields, you'll need to delete the integration and set it up again.

10. To finish, open your typeform and test it, making sure to click Submit at the end. Now check the information has landed in your Airtable correctly. You’ll see your new data submission almost immediately. Then you can delete this test submission in Airtable, share your typeform as needed and let your data roll in, hands-free!

List of Typeform questions and compatible Airtable field types

Check which Airtable fields are compatible with your typeform’s questions here. Some question types are compatible with multiple field types:

Typeform question type/value Airtable field type
Number Duration, Currency, Legacy, Percent Times100
Opinion Scale Rating
Number and Calculator Score Number
Multiple Choice, Dropdown, Picture Choice Multiple Selects
Date Date
Long Text, Short Text, Hidden Fields Long Text
Email and Hidden Fields Email
Phone Number Phone Number
Short Text, Hidden Fields Single Line Text
Multiple Choice, Dropdown, Picture Choice Single Select
Calendly, Website URL
Yes/No, Legal Checkbox
File Upload Multiple Attachments
NPS® Number

The Payment, Matrix and Ranking question types are currently not supported by the integration.

Every choice in your Multiple Choice question must be mapped to a corresponding field in Airtable, and the options in your typeform question must match the options in your Airtable field. If your options are basil, parsley, and coriander in your typeform question, you'll need basil, parsley, and coriander in the matching Airtable field.

When mapping Multiple Choice questions to a Single Select field, make sure Multiple Selection is turned off in Question Settings (on the right-hand side of the Create panel).

We recommend mapping the Multiple Select field type in Airtable to the Multiple Choice question in Typeform instead of Single Select.

The mapping of the Other field in Multiple Choice questions is currently not supported. If you try to integrate a typeform that includes the Other field, the integration won't work.

Mapping the Single Select and Multiple Select field types in Airtable to the Yes/No question in Typeform is not supported.

You can find an overview of the available field types in Airtable here. You can also customize Airtable field types if you follow the instructions here.

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