Set up Respondent notifications

Set up Respondent notifications (emails) to automatically follow-up with your respondents just seconds after they answer your typeform!

Typeform offers two email notification systems: those you want to send to yourself, called “Self notifications”, and those you want to send to your respondents, called “Respondent notifications”. Both can be configured on your typeform’s Configure Panel. Bear in mind that this is a PRO feature before enabling it!

Why set up Respondent notifications?

Do you want to follow-up with your respondents automatically and immediately after they submit their answers on your typeform? Perhaps you would like to show them their results, order confirmation, re-direct them somewhere else, or simply say “Thank you!”…

Respondent notifications allow you to automatically send an email each time a respondent submits your typeform, as well as customize the message you send them.

With Respondent Notifications you can:

  • Thank your respondents
  • Confirm their order
  • Display their results from your typeform
  • Re-direct your respondents somewhere else (webpage, another typeform, etc.)

Add Respondent notifications to your typeform

Adding Respondent notifications is easy. Follow these steps:

  1. Open your typeform from your Workspace.
  2. Now that you’re in your typeform’s Build Panel, go into your Configure Panel.
  3. Open the section “Respondent notifications”, Set up Respondent notifications 01
  4. and activate Respondent notifications by toggling the button. NEW - Respondent notification toggle
  5. You can customize Respondent notifications (see details further down)
  6. Make sure you hit the Update settings button. Update settings

Customizing your Respondent notifications

You also have the possibility to customize the automated respondent notification message your respondent will receive in their email.

What you can customize:

Set up Respondent notifications 02

1. Which email you would like the respondent notifications sent to.

2. Whom you “Reply to”: it’s also possible to add multiple email addresses (just separate them with a comma) or replace the default one by a new one.

3. What appears in the Subject of email; note that you can also use the + Add variable from the drop down menu.

4. What free text message you would like to include in the body of the message. You can choose to see: all answers, no answers, or answers to specific questions.

5. What you find in the Message of the email by using the + Add variable from the drop down menu: this includes which answers you would like to see in the message of the email.

What will it look like in an email?

Check out the screenshot below. This is what the respondent notification email will look like in your respondent’s inbox:

Respondent notification in the inbox

If you’d like to set up conditional email notifications, check out these articles:

Schedule regular email reports

If you don’t want a notification every time your typeform is completed, you can turn off Respondent Notifications, and set up a scheduled report using Digest by Zapier. Read more about Digest by Zapier on our blog, and our complete instructions to setting it up for your typeforms.

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