Set up respondent notifications

We are currently running an A/B test, so if you see Follow-ups instead of Notifications in your account, head to this article to find out everything you need to know about them.

Respondent notifications allow you to automatically email someone when they complete your typeform. You can also send respondents a copy of their answers.

This feature sends a customized email message whenever someone submits a typeform. It’s one of two notification systems in Typeform. The other is self notifications, which sends you an email upon completion of a typeform. Things you can do with respondent notifications:

  • Thank your respondents
  • Confirm their order
  • Display their results from your typeform
  • Redirect your respondents somewhere else (web page, another typeform, etc.)

How to add respondent notifications to your typeform

To add respondent notifications to a typeform:

1. Open your typeform from your Workspace, and click the Settings (gear) icon in the right-hand side of the Create panel. Click Notifications


2. Select the Notify respondents tab.


3. Now flick on the ‘Send a custom email to respondents‘ button.


Warning! Once you switch on the Respondent notification functionality, everyone who submits the form after this will receive a follow-up email. Note that the system isn’t able to generate emails based on past submissions – so respondents who submitted a typeform in the past won’t get an automated email.

How to create your customized email response

Once you’ve enabled Respondent notifications you’re invited to customize the email message you send out. Take a look at this overview of the full panel then we’ll break things down:


1. Specify which email address you would like the respondent notifications sent to. You can only send a notification to an answer to an email question or a Hidden Field, so make sure you include this question in your typeform.


2. You can enter a reply-to address if you’d like the respondent to be able to reply to the notifications you send them. You can enter multiple addresses if you want the reply to go to more than one person (bear in mind there is a 255-character limit in this field). Skipping this step will set the reply-to address as “” which will mean recipients can’t reply directly to your mail.


3. Now enter a subject line for your email notification. Note that you can also recall information from your typeform to personalize the subject line. Click on the + icon or type @ then select which information you want to add.


4. Write whatever you like in the Message section to customize the email that will go out to your respondents. Again, you can customize the text by recalling answers to certain questions or using Hidden Fields.


Once you've finished setting up your notifications, hit Publish in the top-right corner of the Create panel for the change to take effect.

Using the All answers variable with Logic

If your typeform has Logic that allow people to skip questions, the All answers variable will only display questions/answers that the respondent saw in the typeform. Any skipped questions will not appear in the email.

If you want all questions to appear in the notification email regardless of what your respondent answered, you need to add each question variable separately. In this case, your respondent may see some questions in the email they did not answer, which will be labelled as Not asked.

What will it look like in an email?

The screenshot below shows you what the respondent notification email will look like in your respondent’s inbox:


Warning! Note that currently notification emails will be sent from our notification email address. If you’d like to have a customized email address, you can connect your typeform to Zapier to have the emails sent from your Gmail account, for example. Please read more on advanced notification systems in our Help Center article Send email notifications or follow-ups from new typeform entries.

Schedule regular email reports

If you don’t want to send a notification every time your typeform is completed, you can turn off Respondent Notifications, and set up a scheduled report using Digest by Zapier. Read more about Digest by Zapier on our blog, and our complete instructions to setting it up for your typeforms.

Send all answers to a respondent

If you want to send a notification to a respondent summarizing all of the questions and answers, you can do so very easily by choosing the ‘All answers’ option in the message. Simply click on the + button and every respondent will be sent all their answers listed underneath each question.


Here’s how the email will look when the respondent receives it:



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