Remove Typeform branding

Want to reinforce your brand in your typeforms? With a Premium account you can remove all Typeform branding, so there’s nothing to distract people from your own brand image.


How to remove branding

To remove the Typeform branding completely from your typeforms you can hide the “Powered by Typeform” button in the footer, as shown below. You’ll need a Premium account to do this.

The steps to follow to remove this branding are:

  1. Go to the Create panel and click on the Settings button in the bottom left-hand corner.
  2. Toggle the Typeform branding switch on and off.
  3. The ‘Powered by Typeform’ button will appear or disappear in the preview depending on whether you’ve turned it on or off.

The “Powered by Typeform” spinner

The “Powered by Typeform” text below the spinner (when a typeform is loading) is displayed when the typeform is from a Free, Essentials or Professional account. Premium accounts can remove this by de-activating Typeform Branding:


Note that the favicon from the browser tab (shown below) cannot be removed. This is because typeforms live in our platform, meaning that when they are opened in a browser window they display the favicon associated with our domain.

A common solution is simply embedding the typeform in a website, being able to completely hide the form’s origin (and having your own favicon displayed).

Can you remove ‘typeform’ from my typeform’s URL?

This is not possible. However, you can get around this by embedding a typeform in your site. Find out more here.