Remove Typeform branding

Do you want to use every tool available to emphasize your brand? With a PRO+ account you can remove all Typeform branding, so there’s nothing to distract people from your own brand image.

The “Powered by Typeform” text below the spinner (when form is loading) is only displayed when the typeform is from a BASIC account. Typeforms in PRO or PRO+ accounts don’t show this text when the form is loading. Instead, an unlabelled loading spinner is visible – and only if the form takes a couple of seconds to load:

Powered by loader  vs  Loader

Removing the Typeform brand is a PRO+ feature, and allows you to hide the “Powered by Typeform” button at the footer: your typeform will be turned into a white labelled form:

with Powered byvswithout Powered by

The steps to follow are:

  1. Go to the Configure panel,
  2. open the General tab,
  3. find the “Typeform branding” switch right below the language dropdown selector and turn it off. Remove-typeform-branding-SHARE-05
  4. Remember to click on Update settings at the bottom of the panel! updatesettings_new


Note that the favicon from the browser tab cannot be removed.

Remove typeform branding 07

The reason is that your typeforms live in our platform, which means that when they’re open they display the favicon that we use in our domain.

A common solution is simply embedding the typeform in a website, being able to completely hide the form’s origin (and having your favicon displayed).

Typeform URL

In order to learn how to disguise the word “typeform” in your URL, please refer to the article: Customize your Typeform URL.

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