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Set up self notifications

We are currently running an A/B test, so if you see Follow-ups instead of Notifications in your account, head to this article to find out everything you need to know about them.

Get an email notification each time someone submits your typeform.

Typeform has two email notification systems: self notifications can be sent to any email address you choose after someone completes your typeform, and respondent notifications go to the people who respond to your typeform. Both can be configured from your typeform’s Create panel.

Warning! Self notifications are sent from a Typeform email address, so if you've unsubscribed from all Typeform emails, you won't receive self notifications either. You can resubscribe to Typeform emails to start receiving self notifications again.

How to use self notifications

Adding self notifications is easy. Follow these steps:

1. Open a typeform from your Workspace.

2. Now you’ll see the Create panel. On the right, there is a gear icon: click this to open Settings, where you’ll find the Notifications option. Click this option to open notifications settings.


3. At the top of the notifications menu you can choose between self notifications (Notify me) and respondent notifications (Notify respondents). Choose Notify me.


4. Toggle on the Email notifications switch.


Tips! You can also set up a Microsoft Teams integration from this dialog. Read this article to learn more.

5. Now you’ll see the following:


6. Add your email, or the address you want all notifications to be sent to, in the Send a notification to field.


Tips! You can also add notifications@typeform.com to this field to prevent notification emails from ending up in your spam folder.
Warning! The email field has a character limit of 255. You cannot add more email addresses than can fit in this space.

7. The Reply to field can include an email collected in your typeform, but only if it has an Email question.

8. You can now choose what information to include in your self notification.

You can write any text you like in the Subject and Message fields, and also include answers from your typeform.


In the Subject or Message fields, click + or type @ to open the Recall information dropdown menu, where you can find all of the below:


Click any one, and it will be added to your text. Red refers to your information, while other colors refer to your respondent’s information.

Once you've finished setting up your notifications, hit Publish in the top-right corner of the Create panel for the change to take effect.

What will my notification look like?

Here’s an example self notification email:


If you have a File Upload questions, your notification will include a link to the file, but not the file itself. Unanswered questions will be displayed as “nonexistent-field”.

Warning! Notification emails are sent from Typeform’s notification email address. If you’d like to have a customized email address, you can connect your typeform to Zapier to have the emails sent from your Gmail account, for example. Please read more on advanced notification systems in this article.

Schedule regular email reports

If you don’t want a notification every time your typeform is completed, you can turn off self notifications, and set up a scheduled report using Digest by Zapier. Read more about Digest by Zapier on our blog, and our complete instructions to setting it up for your typeforms.


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